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All over the world, organisations and entrepreneurs agree that certification of best business practice provides valuable levels of reassurance for their customers.

EIQM is a certification body Under validity of ASCB(europe). To date ASCB has accredited over 90 certification bodies, registered over 3500 assessors, auditors and quality related personnel achievements; and certificated over 30,000 organisations.

Our world-leading certification services enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards.



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    Innovation isn’t just having a few bright ideas. It’s about creating value and helping organizations continuously adapt and evolve. ISO is developing a new series of International Standards on innovation...
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    Safety signs are essential for preventing accidents and injury. Symbols that are internationally agreed and globally used in safety signs ensure clarity and consistency, regardless of language, culture...
  • New International Standard for water efficiency just published August 7, 2019
    While some parts of the world are ‘flush’ with freshwater, others face serious drought. What’s more, only a fraction of the world’s freshwater is available for us to use and drink, as the rest is in the...